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Text messaging for your business
Kimoby messaging performance metrics
Using the right metrics and KPIs to measure your team's performance
You can't improve what you can't measure.
Kimoby makes it easy to measure the effectiveness of your communication through an intuitive, visually rich metrics dashboard that lets you see at a glance how your automated messages and reminders are performing, in real-time. Kimoby's messaging performance metrics give you actionable insights into where you should focus your efforts to improve customer response time, engagement, and overall satisfaction.
Take pictures and record videos to send instantly to your customers
Take photos with your mobile phone and send them via text message
Did you know that, from any mobile phone or tablet with an Internet access, you can send pictures and videos in Kimoby? Not only will it be helpful for your team, but, you will be able to show your customer exactly what is going on with their vehicle.
Respond to your customers with speed, efficiency, and consistency while keeping the human touch
Create preset messages to speed up response time
Make your life easier and save your most frequently sent messages. Preset messages allow you to respond to your customers faster and with more consistency, simply by clicking on the bubble icon displayed in your message box. You can easily add, edit and delete preset messages or canned responses in your company settings. Kimoby Help Center features various preset message examples that you can start using immediately.
Visit Kimoby in booth 1221N at the NADA Show 2018 Las Vegas
NADA Show 2018 - Las Vegas NV, Mar. 23-25
Kimoby will be at the NADA Show 2018 in Las Vegas to exchange with decision makers and prospective clients on the future of customer communications in the automotive industry. Planning to attend NADA this year? Come meet us in booth 1221N to learn more about what Kimoby has in store for your business in 2018.
Kimoby training webinar
Targeted campaigns and customer segmentation
Customer segmentation plays a key role in any communication strategy. By sorting your customers into groups sharing similar profiles or repair order history, you can aim campaign offers at specific customer segments to achieve higher engagement and service retention.
Audience targeting with Kimoby
Customer groups
Create custom rules to sort your customers into groups sharing similar profiles.
Targeted campaigns with Kimoby
Targeted campaigns
Include or exclude groups to reach the right audience with the right message.
Kimoby tips and tricks
Tips and tricks
Get tips to target customers with more accuracy and boost engagement.
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