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Assigning conversations in Kimoby

Assigning and closing conversations

Throughout our Conversations feature, you can assign conversations to the user of your choice and close your conversations when you are done.

In fact, assigning a conversation means transferring it to a coworker, in order for him to collaborate in your conversation, exchange internal notes, etc. Also, when a conversation is assigned to you, you will get the reply notifications and the conversation thread will remain in your Kimoby inbox.

Then, when you are done you can close your conversations to archive them in Kimoby. Closing conversations will not delete it. You can always re-open or search through your closed conversations to review them.

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Kimoby Webinars

Join Kimoby Webinars

Kimoby training webinars aim at bringing you up to speed with key platform functionalities, different message automation workflows and best practices in customer communications. All webinars are presented weekly and free of charge. Register today to join one that fits your schedule.

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Kimoby Pay

Let customers pay with their mobile phones

Kimoby Pay is a mobile payment solution built with customer convenience in mind. An easier checkout experience means smoother service operations. Setup your free account today.

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Kimoby Campaigns

Turn vehicle recalls into new service revenue

There are 57 million vehicles with unfixed safety recalls on the road. Are you scheduling service appointments with the owners? Kimoby can help you automate this communication process.

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