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Get better insights with messaging activity of each user.
Number of messages sent per Kimoby user

Kimoby messaging performance dashboard now offers visibility into the individual messaging activity of each one of your teammates. By clicking on the eye icon on the right side of each user's name, you can quickly view the number of messages sent per user, for the last week, last month or last year.

Let your teammates know that you're unable to carry out conversations with customers.
Setting your away status in Kimoby

Going on vacation? Just switch your away mode ON to let your colleagues know that you're unavailable to carry out conversations with customers. With your away status toggled ON, you will be given the option to automatically reassign new conversations to a select teammate and specify the expected date of return to availability.

Allow your customers to make payments using Google Pay on their Android phones.
Making payments using Google Pay on your Android phone

After receiving a payment request with Kimoby Pay, our mobile payment solution, your customers can proceed to their payment in just one click, with Google Pay, Apple Pay or any credit card. It's a fast, convenient and easy mobile checkout solution that simplifies your payment operations.

Delete message automations and campaigns at any step of the creation process.
Deleting message automations and campaigns at any step of the creation process.

In the process of creating new message automations or targeted campaigns, you're now able to delete both automations and campaigns at any single step of the creation process. Whether you wish to start over or simply change your mind along the way, the Delete button is available every single step of the way in the automation and campaign screen.

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